Meet The Founder

To All Muslim brothers and sisters, Assalam-u-alaikum:

In 1978, I was working at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim Authority in Karachi, Pakistan. We had recently switched from mechanical typewriters to electronic typewriters. That was amazing. Then in early 90’s came the fax machine. We were baffled to see a printed piece of paper entering a machine here and exact replica appearing a thousand miles away. Amazing, right? It is obsolete now. The fact is, technological breakthroughs have been appearing at breathtaking speed ever since. With that trend, how does our future look like? How Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Drones, Internet of things (IoT), Robots, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Genetic mapping, and other disruptive technologies will affect our lives? Well, we are partially tech-dependent now. Perhaps then we will be heavily dependent upon technologies for most part of our life functions, for better or worse.

When my children, living in New York, learned Quran online from a scholar located in Peshawar, I thanked the technology for enabling us to do a good thing with the new technology. When I came to US in 1985, it was hard to find halal meat, groceries, and cooked halal meals. Even now, twenty-seven years later, it is difficult for every Muslim to buy everything halal in every part of USA. I am sure, it is the same situation in Canada and some of the European countries. In remote places, I have seen Muslims consuming un-halal meat due to non-availability of zabiha halal and other foods. Thus, my vision is to provide a platform where all Muslims regardless of where they live could order cooked meals, raw meat, and groceries online and get their desired halal food delivered at their door step by certified halal food establishments from across the country. The marketplace for online food delivery is crowded however none of them cater to Muslims exclusively nor they are qualified to handle halal slaughtering and halal cooking. is my first step in this regard to enable Muslims to order halal meals for home or for parties and events. The next website, in development, would be which will deliver raw zabiha halal meat and groceries to homes around the country. The services will expand from USA to Canada and to European countries soon. is the world’s first mobile and online halal food delivery system exclusively created for consumers of Islamic faith to order zabiha halal meals. The service allows users to select any of their favorite halal restaurants and place a single order for home, or catering order for an event for as large as 25,000 guests. Our participating restaurants and catering companies are certified as halal zabiha food establishments. They are owned by persons of Islamic faith, and they observe Islamic principles in slaughtering and cooking meals. To ensure compliance, our food quality inspection team along with our supervising Islamic Scholar, Mufti Mohammed Azam Bakhtyar, a farigh-ut-tahsil of Binnori Town, Karachi, Pakistan visit these establishments frequently. online platform and mobile apps are easy to use. You’re only a few clicks away from enjoying hot, tasty, and guaranteed halal meals! Let your family eat the right things! is dedicated to providing systems that would enable all Muslims living abroad to observe Islamic way of life, at the least when it comes to food consumption. Please share your comments and thoughts with me by writing to me at And, kindly pray for all Muslims. Jazak Allah.


Mohammad Sadique

Founder & First President