About Us

HalalCatering.com is the world’s first mobile and online halal food delivery system exclusively created for consumers of Islamic faith to order zabiha halal meals for home delivery or for catering services for both indoor and outdoor parties and events. The service allows users to select any of their favorite restaurants and place a single order for home, or catering order for an event for as large as 25,000 guests.

We have carefully selected restaurants and catering companies who are certified as halal zabiha food establishments. These restaurants and catering companies have further provided us guarantees that their establishments are owned by persons of Islamic faith and that all ingredients in the cooked meals strictly adhere to zabiha halal guidelines. To ensure compliance, our food quality inspection team along with our supervising and prominent Islamic scholar, Mufti & Maulana Mohammed Azam Bakhtiar, a farigh-ut- tahsil of Binnori Town, Karachi, Pakistan visit these establishments frequently. The process for single order for home delivery is fully automated and completed online with average food delivery time between 30 and 45 minutes.

Catering service orders for corporate and private parties/events are handled by our highly experienced catering managers directly with the consumers and catering restaurants. Our catering managers provide expert advise to consumers on cost effective strategies for a successful event. With easy to use halalcatering.com online platform and mobile apps and seamless coordination among the parties, our catering managers save hundreds of dollars to consumers while effectively controlling and managing the entire process until the event is successfully concluded.

We are proud to have great reviews and recommendations.